Who is Pachu?

Who is Pachu?

Pachu is a spanish football player who plays currently in Valdres FK (Norway).

Pachu was born 19th of February of 1988 in Elche, south-east of Spain. He has one brother, Salva, who was born in 1979 and one sister, Laura, who was born in 1981. All of them got a good family education from Salvador and Agueda as parents. Since he was a child he loved football and he knew that he wanted to become a football player. His father, Salvador, brought him to a trial with “Caja de Elche”, a small club in Elche, and he came into the club after score 7 goals in his trial-match. He started to play in “Caja de Elche” but when he was 12 years old the scouting team of Elche C.F. gave him the chance to show his skills in a trial in the youth categories with the club of his city. He accepted that and he got over the trial so he got a position in one of the Under-14 teams of Elche C.F.

He played in Elche C.F for 10 years, since he was 12 until he was 22 and after that he played for Ontinyent, Crevillente Deportivo, Novelda . 31th of January he signed with Valdres FK, a team from Norwegian 2.divisjon. The experience in the Norwegian team is his first experience abroad.


Pachu has studied Journalism in the Miguel Hernandez University, the university of his city, Elche. He was graduated in July of 2013. Also he is able to speak three languages quite fluent: Spanish, English and Norwegian. Besides he has participated in many social circles on the Spanish radio talking about football. He is known because of the way of he understands the football.


My football career

Pachu is 25 years old (19th February 1988), he plays as a left or right winger, with Spanish passport and his height is 175cm and his weight 70 kg. His best skills are the speed and one against one on the side of the field. He is also a good assistance player.

(Age: 13-17) Elche C.F. (Youth categories) 1999/2004 - 83 goals

(Age: 17) Elche C.F. (Second team – Third Division) 2004/2005 – 12PM/2 Goals

(Age: 18) Elche C.F. (Second Team – Third Division) 2005/2006 – 32PM/7 Goals (Pre-season with First Team)

(Age: 19) Elche C.F. (Second Team – Third Division) 2006/2007 – 28PM/6 goals

(Age: 20) Elche C.F. (Second Team – Third Division) 2007/2008 – 34PM/12 Goals

(Age: 21) Elche C.F. (Second Team – Third Division) 2008/2009 – 25PM/6 Goals

(Age: 22) Elche C.F. (Second Team – Third Division) 2009/2010 – 30PM/5 goals

(Age: 23) Ontinyent C.F. (Second Division B) 2010/2011 – 1PM/ 0 goals // Crevillente Deportivo (Third Division) 22PM/4 goals

(Age: 23) Novelda C.F. (Third Division) 2011/2012 – 8PM/2 goals

(Age: 24) Valdres FK (Norwegian 2.divisjon) 2012 – 18PM/4 goals

(Age: 25) Valdres FK (Norwegian 2.divisjon) 2013 – 22PM/5 goals

Currently: Gjøvik-Lyn FF (Norwergian 2.divisjon) 2014


My life

My life

What about my life

Pachu wants to live a very special life. He use to say that he would like to live an “adventure as a life”. He is a very positive guy and he loves to travel. Here you can see some of the picture where he has been.

Also he is a guy who loves to be with his friends. About the positivism, Pachu has a plan. He wants to transmit positivism to everybody, that`s why he is a smiling, friendly and charming guy. He wish the best to the people and he gets happy when someone success.

He thinks that the world can change and the people can live more happiness and get their dreams, he wants to help in that way and he has created a blog to share his experiences.

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I am available for all of you willing to contact me. Please contact me and share some thoughts with me.

contact@pachumartinez.com | Gjøvik, Norway | Elche, Spain